Friday, 7 May 2010

Eloise Mckinna-Illustrator

Eloise is my beautiful neighbor in the studio and my house! She's also in second year and is a very talented illustrator. Her quirky drawing style and comedic pictures always make me laugh, and shes one of the hardest working in the class. I also like to bullied her into modeling my final pieces last term, as well as bullying her to get my phone/camera/food from around the house. Els is amazing!

1. How many cameras do you use and what are they?
Two, my multicoloured holga from Japan and my Olmypus Digital SLR

2. Do you use your camera in your work?
Yeah I do I use it for referencing things.
3. Do you prefer drawing from pictures or real life?
Pictures, unfortunately google images.
4. Can you remember your favorite photo you've taken?
I took a disposable camera to a few festivals this year and they came out really well. They are mostly of my boyfriend Seb.

5. Why did you choose Illustration over other areas of Art and Design?
I didn't come from an art background, it was either that or fashion but I couldn't sow.

6. How would you describe your work? What interests you?
Simple line drawings of everyday life.
7. What do you think about the crossovers between the subjects?
I work from photographs alot, but i think its quite necessary to know the boundaries between the two.
8.Where can I find your work?

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