Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Ryan Munns-Fine Artist

Ryan Munns is my very talented friend in second year Fine Art at Westminster Uni. It was really nice to interview him and see his work as I never normally venture over to the Fine Art studios. He came up with some interesting answers and opinions, and I was really impressed by his photography. His cameras were rather lovely too!

1. How many cameras do you use and what are they?
Polaroid Camera-Supercolour 635, Kodak Prontour 500LK

2. Do you use your camera in your work?
I do indeed, I use it for printmaking, silkscreens and I also use polaroids I've taken in the past as my work. And just general photography.
3. Do you prefer drawing from pictures or real life?
I don't know, I don't think you can cut it down. Sometimes its not feasible to sit in front of what you want to capture on a piece of paper or piece of canvas.
4. Can you remember your favorite photo you've taken?
A polaroid of it snowing last year in halls, not just because its a pretty picture, its the memories and connotations I have of that picture.
(following photos from a selection of 'Summer Photography'by Ryan Munns...)

5. Why did you choose Fine Art over illustration/photography/other areas of art?
I think Fine Art is such a broad subject you are bound to encounter other areas. My project at the moment involves graphic design, clean cut. It all blends into one another.
6. How would you describe your work? What interests you?
I'm making a sort of collage installation hybrid at the moment.I end up making all my art about my home town. Paintings, pictures, obsession through artwork. I love the colour blue. I make alot of blue art.

7. What do you think about the crossovers between the subjects?
Its good to branch out, its weird I think of things as really specialist, if I got to a show I always expect to see that.(Illustration show-illustrations, Photography show-Photographs etc) I've got mixed feelings of crossovers in specialised subjects.
8. Where can I find more your work?

My Illustrations...

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