Monday, 3 May 2010

Kimberley Taylor-Illustrator

I'm a second year illustration student and the creator of this blog! I decided to create a blog to help organise the different bits of information and photographs I've collected for this project. Please read the interviews, there are some interesting opinions and ideas about the definitions and borders of art practices, and also some quite funny answers. I've tried to include the same information in each post, and reference the artist to alleviate any confusion between my photographs and their work. So yes! Here is my interview/work!

1. How many cameras do you use and what are they?

I have a Nikon D3000 SLR, And Olympus OM10 and a red Holga!

2. Do you use your camera in your work?

Yes! I've used them quite alot this year, I took a few films worth of photos for my last project and been taking photos on my new DSLR for photoshoots, general use and this project too! I also have quite a passion for drawing them (hence this blog)

3. Do you prefer drawing from pictures or real life?

I like the freedom that life drawing offers, but I have a real thing for just sitting down for a couple of hours but nothing but a picture and a piece of paper infront of me. I kind of think of it as cheating a little, but I dont think its that bad if they are my own photographs.

4. Can you remember your favorite photo you've taken?
I first got my SLR for my birthday and took it with me, the photos aren't technically brilliant but it was my 21'st birthday and there are some good memories. Also from a few years ago theres a quarry near where I live, we went and swam there in the summer and I took a few photos on a compact. It kind of just summed up that summer, a lot of fun and chilling out.

5. Why did you choose illustration over fine art/photography/other areas of art?
I really like drawing and although I find fine art appealing I think its a bit too much bullshit involved. I like the idea of a brief and then producing a final piece, although saw Graphic Design as unflexible when I was applying for courses. Photography is something I really enjoy but I like keeping it as a hobby. At degree level it was a bit too daunting and technical.

6. How would you describe your work? What interests you?
Cameras! Photography! Nice images and pencils. I like pencils, I forgot all about them till the start of this year and forgot about how much I love them. So yes simple drawings in pencils, some quite technically drawn and some quite free. I don't really have a 'style'.

7. What do you think about the crossovers between the subjects?
Personally I like it, but that's for purely selfish reasons. If it lets me combine both passions thats good with me. At the moment my illustrations and photography is quite seperate, I'd like to use this project to combine them together into one piece.

8. Where can I find more of your work?

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