Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rosalie Hoskins-Illustrator

Rosalie Hoskins is a Brighton born Illustrator and also my best friend! I always find her work exciting and is very often humorous. Her illustrations are quite stylised and dooderly and very original. It was good to catch up and have a chat about her work and opinions.

1. How many cameras do you use and what are they?
One working digital compact (although that is debatable) and about a million others hidden in drawers that aren't being thrown away in the vain hope that one day they will return back to life.

2. Do you use photography in your work?
No, not for my artwork.
3. Do you prefer drawing from pictures or real life?
I prefer working from real life but its certainly easier from flickr. I try to avoid google images as I find it very generic.
4. Can you remember your favorite photo you've taken?
I took a picture of a granny on roller skates on Venice beach when I was traveling in America a couple of years ago.

5. Why did you choose illustration over Fine Art/photography/other areas of art?
I like drawing-your more reinterprinting. It can be surreal and imaginative compared to photography where there are more limits.
6. How would you describe your work? What interests you?
DOODLES! I dont like photo realistic pictures, but theres no point if you can't draw. The in between point of good and bad-I like the weird in betweeny stage. At the moment I'm drawing many many coy carp for a D&AD competition.

7. What do you think about the crossovers between the subjects?
Theres no point of having black and white boundaries, its good to have crossovers. The content is more important.
8.Where can I find more of your work?

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